Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Caramel Apple Salad.

I don't often give salad recipes. Why is that? Hmm...don't try to analyze me because I can tell you it won't do you any good. I'm complicated. Aren't we all? I am going to make an honest effort to put healthier fare on this blog, if it kills me....Haha! Today's recipe is kind of a poke at that because it's Caramel Apple Salad and it's got Snickers in it. And it's really good and really easy. Snickers + Good + Easy = Winning Recipe! I got the recipe and photo from Bridget at This is a darling baking website. Be sure and check it out. So without delay, I will give the short list of ingredients (only 5) that you will need to make this: 12 Fun Size or 6 Large Snicker Bars, 1 (3.4 oz.) Pkg. Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix, 1 Cup Milk, 1 (8 oz) Cool Whip, and 6-8 Granny Smith Apples. Begin by cutting Snickers into bite size pieces. Set aside. Next, in a large bowl, whisk together pudding mix and milk until smooth. Fold in Cool Whip. Cut apples into chunks and stir into the pudding mixture. Fold in the chopped up Snicker Bars. Top the salad with thinly sliced Snicker pieces so everyone knows that it's a dessert salad. Watch everyone's faces light up with delight when they discover the "salad" option. I like this salad because it's both sweet and tart and there is a good balance of both tastes. I hope you can try it soon. Enjoy!


  1. Now, you've done it!You've flung a craving on me! Shame on you! I love sliced apples with warm caramel sauce and walnuts on top! Now that is great, too!
    Thanks for the salad recipe!!!

  2. Ohhh....that sounds good too. Please forgive me for my craving flinging. Haha! Love you!