Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Frequent Request: Oven Ham Sammies.

Do you have a recipe that people seem to request a lot? For me, it's usually the simple ones that I get the most requests for. Oh wait, I only make simple recipes...maybe that's why. Anyway, this oven ham sandwich is one that we've been making in our family for a long time. My Mom introduced these to me years ago and I've not looked back since. I take these to all sorts of occasions and I tell you, I could count on one hand the number of times I've had leftovers. They disappear quick. This recipe is slightly different than the one I've been making for so long, but it's got all the same components just assembled differently. I got the recipe and photo from You really must make these for the loved ones in your life. It's getting close to Christmas you know. People are soon going to be shopping for gifts for you. Leave a good impression on them. Haha. I'm just joking. I would never use food to persuade people to do me favors. Never. Well...never is a strong word. Here's the recipe for these fabulous sandwiches: 1 (12 count) package Kings Hawaiian Rolls, 1/2 cup Butter (melted), 1/2 t. Ground Mustard, 1 t. Poppy Seeds, 2 t. Onion Flakes, 1 t. Worcheshire Sauce, 1 Package Sliced Swiss Cheese, and 12 -16 ounces Thin Sliced Ham.  Put ham and cheese on sliced rolls. Mix all other ingredients together and spoon over sammies. Bake at 350˚ for 15 minutes. Sooo good. I'm not kidding. The way I have always prepared them is to slather the melted ingredients on the inside of the roll with the ham and cheese and bake them wrapped tightly in tin foil. I really like the looks of these and have decided to make mine like this from now on. The only thing to make sure of, is that you have a good friend close by to tell you if you have poppy seeds stuck in your teeth. You know your husband won't notice. Funny story, we were at a family reunion on my husband's side a few years back. I had been eating some chicken casserole and was just visiting away with his relatives. My husband was sitting right across from me the whole time. My 10 year old nephew (at the time) runs by and then turns back around and says "Aunt Tracie, you got a big piece of chicken stuck in your teeth.". I thanked him and then cut my eyes over at my husband and shot him the "I can't believe you didn't notice that!" look.  He gives me the "Am I supposed to notice EVERY little detail?" look and shrugs his shoulders.* Don't you love it when husbands and wives have conversations with their eyes?*  No, Honey, of course not. A piece of chicken dangling out of my mouth is, however, on the list of must notice details. Haha! Thank goodness I was already established in the family or else they might have thought twice about letting me in. Forgive me for digressing.  This is an excellent recipe and super easy. I hope you enjoy it! 


  1. You lost me on ground mustard. Is that regular mustard squished or some kind of special mustard? How did u make ur page so cute?

  2. Ground mustard, Miss Smart Cortney (haha jk), is a spice found on the spice asile, with all the other spices. Oh, and they are usually in ABC order, so with the G's. hehe Love ya dear.

  3. Ground mustard is on the spice aisle. Kind of like powdered mustard. I usually use yellow mustard (like 1 T.) mixed with the other things & put it on the inside of the sandwich, but since this is to be spooned on top I guess that would be a little messy. I think your kids would like it, but they may prefer to leave out the onion flakes & put everything on the inside (you know so it doesn't look "weird").....I paid a girl to do my page for me, She was having a special & instead of the usual $75 charge, I got it for $50. She was very sweet to work with & had a wide variety of looks I could pick from. I figured it was worth that one time fee to make it look nice.