Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Game Day Plan.

This Friday night is Homecoming at our local high school. My beloved Panthers will hopefully score their little hearts out and give us a victory. We are having a community tailgating event in honor of the homecoming festivities. I've decided to devote my posts this week to recipes that would make good tailgating grub. Why? Well, because my oldest niece is captain of the cheerleading squad & my little cousin is co-captain (and both seniors). Because I used to babysit one of the girls up for homecoming queen. Because her boyfriend, whom I've known his whole life, is a senior and plays on the offensive & defensive line. Because my nephew, who used to call me Tae Tae, is now playing in the wide receiver and punter positions. Because we get to hang on to our current quarterback for three more years. And, finally, because in 1991, I was elected homecoming queen. *sigh* I guess all those reasons really only point to one basic conclusion.....Miss T is getting old. Really old. I better get this recipe posted before my  fingers get too arthritic to type. So, here's the first finger licking recipe. Honey Glazed Chicken and Bacon Bites: 1 lb. boneless chicken breasts, 20 thin bacon slices, 3 T. honey, 2 t. coarse mustard, and fresh lemon juice. Begin by preheating the oven to 425˚ F. Then, cut the chicken in thin strips and lightly salt. Grab a bowl and combine honey and mustard. Squeeze in about a T. of lemon juice. Wrap the bacon around the chicken strips and place them in a roasting pan or a foil-lined cookie sheet. Brush the chicken bites with half of the honey mixture. As soon as one side is done (approx. 10-13 mins. later), take the tray out of the oven, flip them over, and brush with the other half of the honey mixture. Put them back in the oven for another 10-13 minutes, until the other side is crispy as well. Keep an eye on them as the bacon can easily burn. Remove from oven and let cool slightly. These are super easy bites to take with you and will travel well. I hope you make them in support of your favorite hometown football team soon. Go Big Blue!-------Recipe and Photo Credit:

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