Friday, October 29, 2010

A Peak at What I'm Giving as Christmas Gifts.

It's that time of year again. Halloween is approaching at the speed of light and then you know the rest of the story. Christmas will be here... like... tomorrow. Seriously, there's less than 2 months to go till the big day. I, for one, am asking myself "Where did 2010 go?". Wasn't I just cooking black eyed peas for our New Year's Day meal? Yes, time is rocking on by. This year I'm going to make a conscious effort to get all the hustle and bustle out of the way in November so that I can concentrate on the true meaning of Christmas during the month of December. You want to hear something sick? My sister gets all of her Christmas shopping done in January. She hits all the after Christmas sales with list in hand and wipes everyone off her list. And yes, she has already purchased my 2011 and 2012 birthday presents. No kidding. So, enough of that silly talk. Let me tell you what I've decided a few ladies on my list will be getting from me.

Last year I bought some of my gifts at JC Penney in their Sephora store. I'm a big fan of the Philosophy products. They smell great and are very high quality. Philosophy has a line of skin care and make-up as well as bath & body products. Their bath & body products are superb. I've personally tried the Gingerbread Man & Candy Cane scents in the holiday line. Fabulous! This year they've come out with the Gingerbread Girl and Melted Marshmallow lines. Oh dear....Can I just tell you that the Candy Cane smells minty and slightly sweet with a hint of vanilla. Love it! It's a wonderful shower gel to use in the morning to help wake you up. And the Gingerbread Man is warm, spicy, and "gingery". Super for hot showers in the evening. I've read that Gingerbread Girl is very similar with a little added shimmer and effervescent qualities. And the reviews for Melting Marshmallow describe it just as it sounds with a hint of  white chocolate undertone. *groan* I'm ordering some of all of the above. The shower gels are 3 in 1, meaning you can use them for soap, shampoo, and bubble bath. I've used them in all 3 ways and it worked great. Come on... a melting marshmallow bubble bath. Count me in. Notice the set of lip glosses above. They make great stocking stuffers and yes, they taste exactly like their name. Once again, I've got it in Candy Cane and love tasting it on my lips. Most of the shower gels sell for $7 or $16 (depending on the size) and come with the sweetest gift boxes. The lip shine set sells for $18, but if you divide it up that's really not bad. So....I hope that you have started to think about Christmas gifts. I know a few ladies on my list who will be Philosophy girls by New Years. Happy shopping!                                           

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