Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Saturday Craft Idea.

I found this cute project on the other day. You can go to her site and click on the home section and scroll down just a little and see a step by step account of how she did it. It's so cute and is pretty easy to make (even for someone like me who is...uh..challenged in the crafting department). I'm pretty sure that if I can manage it, then anyone can. It's called a shabby chic earring holder. Amanda spent under $10 to make it too. Don't we all have some cute dangly earrings to display? I love the idea of displaying them in this way too. Here's a rundown of what she did: Go to Walmart and buy a $3 black 8x10 picure frame, 12' of picture hanging wire, some vintage white acrylic paint, and a sponge paintbrush. You will also need a staple gun. The frame did not require sanding or any kind of pre-painting treatment. Just paint on the white in a very, non-perfect, kind of way. You will have little bits of black kind of peeping through and it will end up looking antiqued. There's really no sense in painting the back of the frame because it won't be seen. She measured 1/4" from the top of the opening and marked it on the back, then came down 2.25"and marked it as well, until she had 4 rows to hang the earrings from.
She then measured the wire across the opening and folded it over twice (which made it thicker) and cut it. Next, twist the wire loosely and staple it to each side on the back of the frame. Repeat to make the other three rows. The above picture is what it looks like after it's been stapled to the back. Then take whatever bit of remaining wire that is sticking out and wrap it around the end, as she did, to avoid having any sharp pieces sticking out. She also took a small hammer after she did that and flattened it even more. I think this is such a cute project and would look fabulous sitting on your dresser or on your vanity space in the bathroom. Amanda has so many other cute ideas too. Don't forget to check out her blog, I got the pictures of the project from her site as well. Yes, I believe this is one craft that I can make and actually be proud of. How about you?


  1. How cute would this be for a teacher gift for Christmas? Hang a cute pair of dangly earrings and put in clear cellophane wrap tied with a beautiful bow. Just a thought.....

  2. Love it! I will definitely be doing this for Christmas happies! Thanks, Miss T