Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Bunko Event.

I am getting ready to host a Bunko event at my home tomorrow night. There are 12 women in our group. Each lady takes a turn hosting it once a year.  My husband doesn't mind me being a part of  it because it allows me to "get out" once a month and when I come home I am usually relaxed and reenergized. He also knows that the women I play with are great role models for me. I am planning on serving Chicken Divan over Rice, Green Beans with Carmalized Shallots, My Favorite Salad, and French Bread.  Brownie Trifle will be dessert.  It's an oldie, but goodie. My sister in law went with me to a local store to buy my gifts. She has a great eye for that kind of thing. We had the best time picking them out. My group did not meet for bunko in August so I had to buy two months worth of gifts (my Mom split the cost with me since we combined her month with mine).  I bought a beautiful iron Votive holder with a tea light, a pretty Fall tea towel, a small Currant scented Woodwick Candle, A Vera Bradley journal, a big iron key that is made to hang on the wall, a turquoise picture frame, another Fall scented candle, an orange tile picture frame, a unique pottery pinch bowl, and a square recycled glass plate. The store owner wrapped them beautifully and I'm excited to see my friends' faces as they open them. It's good to have parties at my house because it forces me to get some chores done that I might not otherwise do. I recently bought a book called The Reluctant Entertainer (off of Amazon). It has recipes and tips for opening your home up for entertaining. The author is a believer and uses Scripture throughout the book. I have really enjoyed referring to it and the chicken recipe I will be preparing is in it. I promise to post some recipes soon. For now, I must get my rest because tomorrow is going to be busy!


  1. Hi T Kakes!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog! I'm interested in your recipes and the book, too! I'm a reluctant entertainer for sure. I love people but I just hate to do all that clean up work that is necessary prior to the event. Housework can really get you down. And it never stays clearn! Over and over again with no end in sight.
    I still like to cook but don't do it much anymore since it is just Ray and me.
    Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next installment!
    You are precious!

  2. My first comment! Thanks Mrs. Hazel! I feel the same way when it comes to entertaining. I really enjoy having people over and love the whole visiting process. Well ofcourse I do, because I can talk to a stop sign (according to my husband). It's the preparations that get me down. I'll have to let you borrow the book I mentioned. It does make sense. She says that most people don't care about coming into someone's "perfect" home. For the most part, people like to be in comfortable surroundings with people who make them feel like they matter. I think I can do that. I just like that approach. It has nothing to do with impressing our guests with our home, but impressing them in the way we take care of them while they are here. You are so sweet for commenting! Thanks again!