Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I've Got That Lovin' Fall Feeling!

About a week ago, we had a cool snap. Gorgeous cloudless bright blue skies, crisp air, highs in the 70's - simply glorious weather. That is all it took for me to get excited about decorating for Fall. This past weekend, I headed up to the attic to pull down my Fall decorations. Those pops of oranges, rusts, browns and yellows just make me happy! Now I will confess that I thrive on change, so it comes as no surprise that even something out of my control like the changing of seasons gives me a thrill. And to add to my challenge and excitement, I've just moved into a new house two and a half months ago. So finding just the perfect spot for all my Fall treasures kept me scurrying around the house all day. I am a pumpkin lover, so my decor for Fall is very pumpkin heavy. I have all kinds of pumpkins, different shapes, colors, sizes and made out of different materials. When you are decorating (this goes for any season), don't shy away from grouping things that are different together. I think this gives your home depth and adds a warmth. All that same, same, same just looks unnatural. If you are decorating on a budget, go buy some inexpensive faux pumpkins, glue and fine glitter in the Fall pallet of colors. Last year my daughter (who was five then) and I had a great day of glittering pumpkins. As I pulled them out this year (and yes, they held up fine - better than expected), they gave me a lovely memory of time spent with my precious little girl and they look fabulous sprinkled around my house. Another budget conscious tip - take your topiary from the summer and cover it with fall garlands and orange lights. This looks great at your entry, inside or out. Now for the picture, my new house has this great curved front door just begging for garland. I will be honest and tell you I splurged a bit on the garland with gourds. But consider that this garland will stay up the rest of September, all of October and through November until Thanksgiving. When you look at it that way - it's a bargain! Okay, maybe not a bargain, but you can justify it anyway. This one is actually two garlands - one out of just Fall leaves and one with just gourds and berries. I also chose to wire in mesh fabric and I was so surprised how much bigger the fabric makes the garland appear. I also wound in strands of orange lights so I'm all ready for Halloween. September 23rd is the official start of Fall, so I hope you all get your decorations out soon.  Happy Fall!-----------I just want to thank my guest writer for this post, Christina B. She's got a fabulous sense of style. I appreciate her willingness to do this for me. I got some really great ideas that I can't wait to try out. Thanks again, Christina!


  1. Beautiful job! I admire your taste, talent, and energey!!! Wish I had more!
    Look forward to seeing your beautiful home and family!
    Love ya'll!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Hazel! My friend, Tina, was a guest writer for this post and the the door pictured is hers. Gorgeous isn't it? Thanks for reading the posts. You're my faithful friend. My ONE faithful friend. Hahaha! That's ok, because I really enjoy writing them and one day my children will be able to look back on them as well.