Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Scarf Tutorial.

It really is funny that my post is on scarves today. Hilarious actually. I am the least fashion forward person I know. This is not a news flash to the people who personally know me.*sigh* And yet, even I know that scarves will continue to be a trend this season. What I like about them is their versatility. They come in every color imaginable, any pattern you could dream of, and any size that you need. You don't have to be a certain height or weight for them to look appropriate either. Just so long as you choose one that is in correct proportion to you. I saw the best scarf tutorial the other day on another blog I follow, She posted a short video showcasing 5 different ways to wear scarves, and I learned so much from it. Unfortunately, I am lacking just as much in my technical abilities as I am in my fashion know how. I tried to find a link to the video, but couldn't come up with one. You can go to her site and type the word "scarf" in her search box and it will bring you to the tutorial. If you like to wear scarves, then you really need to check it out for yourself. The above picture came off of Amanda's site as well. My scarf collection is rather....pitiful. Hopefully, this will help me get on the right track. Happy learning!


  1. I love this information. Your blog is as amazing as you are. You are one talented writer. I wore a scarf this morning to church. I think I will check the tutorial out. Thanks for the info. KT

  2. Thank you KT! You always look very put together. I think you need to write a post for me on fashion, cooking, decorating, whatever...because you've got them all down pat. ❤ ya!