Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Role Model.

September 2010

Last night my daughter, KK, represented her class in the Jr. High Homecoming festivities.  She was absolutely gorgeous too. I mean it. I'm not letting the fact that she's my daughter cloud my judgement either. *hehe* I can appreciate the fact that she has outward beauty, but it's her inward beauty that fills me to the brim with thankfulness. She was given an information sheet to fill out for the announcer at homecoming. It wanted all the basic stats and then she could pick a question, from a list, that she would like to answer and have announced as well. She chose the question, "Who is your role model? And Why?". She immediately knew her answer. Which brings me to the other pretty lady in the above picture. Let me tell you about her.
K.A. and my KK are really good friends. They started going to the same school together two years ago, and immediately hit it off.  K.A. also happens to be the daughter of my best friend from high school, so it was meant to be that our daughters would be good friends as well. Last year, K.A. was involved in a four-wheeler accident. She wasn't particularly driving recklessly, she was just riding on unfamiliar territory in tall grass and didn't realize that she was heading straight for a 10 foot drop off. *gulp* It's a miracle that she's still hanging around with us after that kind of tumble, but God has a plan, and she is. She suffered some major injuries, like multiple fractures of her hips and various other bones. She also has nerve damage in one of her legs that has been extremely painful for her. In fact, let's not mince words, this whole ordeal has caused her much physical pain. There's been hours after hours of physical therapy and even electrical stimulation for her damaged nerves. There's been numerous surgeries, trips across the country to see specialists, and several months confined to a wheelchair. Pretty tough stuff. After all that, you would tend to think that a person might be a little bitter about their circumstances. Right? Well, that smile she's sporting in this picture is the same one that I've been watching her flash since her ordeal began. Does that mean she doesn't struggle with questions that we all would have in that same situation? No, I'm sure she has her moments, BUT what is amazing is her positive attitude, courage, and sheer determination in the face of it. That's what my KK has witnessed in this past year that made her automatically think of her as a role model. K.A. is a Christian and she knows that as Romans 8:28 tells us, "We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.". She gives God the glory for her incredible healing she has experienced and she gives God the glory when she doesn't get the news from her doctors that she's been praying for. God will use this in her life and He has a plan. She trusts Him and is anxious to see what will happen next.  It's all about living your life in such a way that points others to Christ. Thank you, K.A., for being a positive role model for KK (and me).  You are welcome in our home anytime, and feel free to join us for Hamburger Helper on any given night!


  1. hey ms.t its k.a. i just read your blog thank you so much. that was real sweet of you. i love kk so much. she is one of my very best friends. thanks again.

  2. Well.... this is K.A. very proud mother! Very proud to have a daughter like her and friends like Mrs. T. As you probally suspected.... I cried a waterfall when I saw this!! What an amazing "article!" Thank you so very very much! BTW K.A. ask K.K. to spend the night Friday night. That works for me just call me!!