Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Healthy Alternative.

So, after yesterday's devilish brownie dessert, I figured I better try to redeem myself and post a recipe that's a little more heart healthy. Actually, it would be stretching it just a little to call this a recipe. It's simply oven roasted potatoes and purple onions. I find great pleasure in roasting things. I cook a wide variety of vegetables and meats like this. Did you know that roasted chicken is much more flavorful than boiled chicken? I learned that from the Barefoot Contessa. I use roasted chicken, when I can, for recipes that call for shredded chicken. Okay, so back to the potatoes. I used a 2 lb bag of red potatoes, one large purple onion, fat free cooking spray, and garlic salt. I cut the potatoes and purple onion into quarters. Layed them out on a large baking sheet and generously sprayed them with cooking spray and tossed them around with my hands so that all sides were coated with spray. Next, I sprinkled them with garlic salt and a little black pepper. I believe the biggest mistake people make when cooking potatoes is under seasoning. Let's face it, it doesn't get much blander than a potato. I found that I had to add a little more salt (I used Kosher this time) at the end to make them a little tastier. I roasted these at 350 degrees F for one hour. You can do this at a higher temp like 425 degrees if you want to speed up the cooking time. I turned these once, with tongs, during the cooking process. I sometimes sprinkle dried rosemary over them for a different flavor, but didn't do that when I made these. I served these potatoes with a low fat chicken dish that I was trying for the first time. The chicken dish bombed (it's kind of hard to bomb a chicken dish, but I somehow managed to), but the potatoes were gobbled up in no time. My son didn't want to try an onion, but I told him they were so sweet they tasted like candy and he ended up loving them. In fact, I could roast a whole pan of onions, by themselves, and make a meal off them. They do get incredibly tender and sweet. So, there you have it, a healthier dish to try. The nurse in me just couldn't let myself enjoy the day if I didn't attempt to make up for yesterday's post. Make these soon and feel good about eating healthier.


  1. A great way I have found to add some flavor to roasted potatoes is once out of the oven - add some dill. It's divine! The dill (used in moderation), adds a nice bright kick to the potatoes. Also, consider olive oil instead of the spray - yum!

  2. I will definately have to try the dill. Never thought of it pairing well with potatoes. And yes, olive oil is my oil of choice too. I was just trying to shave off a few calories with the cooking spray. It did better than I expected, but olive oil trumps!