Monday, September 27, 2010

A Winter Hat.

Oh dear. Me oh my. This baby has got me wrapped around her chubby little fingers and I don't even know her.  That's the effect babies have on me. That's the reason my husband hightailed it to the urologist shortly after I gave birth to EC, our fourth. He knew that I would see a picture like this and convince myself that I needed one.  He knows me well. Dang it. Anyway,  I found this shop on called Knotty Tots. They sell the cutest handmade beanies and get leg warmers. Be still my heart. I can't wait to put baby leg warmers on my niece (or maybe nephew) that's due in 2011. Fun! I hope P and J won't mind. Back to the cute little hat, I just felt with cooler temps approaching that this might be just the perfect accessory for the sweet little one in your life. Just think of the adorable pictures that can be made sporting one of these. Don't forget the baby leg warmers. You've got at least a good thirteen years before they will come back and question why in the world you put that on them when they were a baby. In the meantime, enjoy playing dress up with them.

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